usafa 2024

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    Is it possible to apply to USAFA, but begin the enlistment process?

    I am in my junior year and I'm planning on attending USAFA, however, if I do not get accepted I'm essentially homeless after graduation (a long story I don't really want to delve into). My backup plan even before I found out that lovely little detail was enlistment anyways, reapply for the...
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    Application Update

    I just got an email and it says "We regret to inform you that you have not been selected to receive an appointment." I'll be honest, I am very disappointed with this. I am assuming that I was not given an appointment because of me still being medically disqualified. This is kinda funny, but I...
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    Fluent in arabic; does it help my application?

    Hey guys, So I was just wondering, if I am fluent in Arabic, meaning I can speak, understand, and partially read, does that help the strength of my overall application?
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    Medical Waiver

    Allow me to start off by saying that this is not a "chance me" post. I was DQ'd by DoDMERB on four counts. My DoDMERB portal says my Current Medical Status for the Air Force Academy is "Under Waiver Review." I am assuming that this means USAFA waiver authorities are pursuing a waiver on my...
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    LEAD Program C/O 2024

    This thread is for prior enlisted Airman to discuss and answer questions for applying to USAFA's class of 2024.
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    LEAD Program C/O 2024 Thread

    Here is a thread for the Enlisted Airmen who are applying for USAFA or USAFPS and entering 2020. Using this thread, we can help each other out with questions, issues, and other knowledge. Resources CAO 25MAY2019: USAFA LEAD Page LEAD Handbook AF Form 1786 (Nomination) Instructions to...
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    What are my chances of getting into a service academy?

    I have been very dedicated in going to the military after college, and decided that a service acadeny would be a great route if I could get accepted. I am a junior in high school ranked top 4 percent in my class of 240 (gpa 4.0) and am going to get my sat to 1350 or higher (1280 now) by my...
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    Junior Year Classes Question

    Hello, I am a repeat student, so I did two sophomore years when I transfered schools. I never was the strongest in science classes, while a I took honors bio, honors chem and honors physics I got B’s/B-‘s. Because I repeated I had completed the sciences needed as a graduation requirement so I...
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    Advice For My Application to USAFA

    Hey guys! I am a junior in high school from Connecticut and I plan on applying to USAFA. This is a list of my current "resume" per say. I will try to be as detailed as possible. I go to a recently renovated school with a block schedule. In total, I have 8 classes split between two...