usafa 2028

  1. A

    Holding on to Hope

    Hey, everyone, I’m just here sort to explain a weird and frustrating time that I'm undergoing with DODMERB. In a previous post, I recently mentioned that I am very fortunate enough to be offered a conditional offer to both USAFA and USNA’s prep school and an NROTC scholarship. The process of...
  2. A

    NAPS & USAFA Prep School

    Hello Everyone, I'm an applicant for the CO 2028 for both USAFA and USNA. I recently heard back that I was accepted to both of their prep schools. Did anyone else here in this forum hear back?
  3. 9

    Appointed...Need Advice

    After 3 long years of applying, I have just received an appointment to USAFA. As truly humbled and thankful I am to receive this appointment after years of toil, I am really at a crossroads on whether or not I should accept the appointment. I'll explain my current standing. I am a 2nd year...
  4. VikingAirman

    College applicants

    Past USAFA college applicants or parents of prior applicants, It would be very helpful to me and the other applicants applying in college to know when you heard back from USAFA.
  5. S

    Re-applicants who got in, what do you think that made you get in the 2nd/3rd/4th... time?

    I have been going over my application last year, trying to assess myself. I was found "fully qualified", but didn't get in. I asked myself, was it either the test, the essays, or the fitness test? Or even all of them? It doesn't help the fact that I am international, so I am assuming that the...