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    Basic Cadet Summer

    I am an incoming basic cadet, and wondering what the full summer schedule will look like. I know I day is June 28th, and that kicks off BCT, but does anyone know the dates of when BCT ends, A-day, and when the academic school year starts? Also, what do cadets do, and is there time to go...
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    Female hair advice

    Hello! I’m getting my haircut tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had some insight on how short I should cut it. I somewhat know the requirements and know it doesn’t have to be short short, but I’m trying to decide what a good length would be. I’ve heard some say you should cut it really short...
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    USAFA Basic Training

    Hello, On November 7th, I received my appointment to the Air Force Academy. That being said, I want to make a good impression during BCT. Could any current/future USAFA Cadet tell me any specifics about what happens during the six weeks? More importantly, what are some good ways to train for...