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    USCG Pilot

    Hi so I'm 18 (19 this July) and looking to become a pilot for the USCG. I have no degrees but am working on my GED. I am aware that the Army could take me on but would not like to serve 10-12 years contract with the times we are in right now, That is why I'm looking at the CG. Would any of you...
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    USCG Pilot vs. USAF Pilot

    Hello, my name is ---------, currently I am a sophomore with expected graduation obtaining a bachelor's degree at the University of Wilmington North Carolina in 2024. I have always had a strong aspiration of flight of any kind and have felt the calling to join a branch of the military pertaining...
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    Sea Year on Coast Guard Cutter?

    Looking ahead at possibly doing sea year on a cutter. Besides the normal packing list, is there anything extra to plan for? Will our midn need to plan to procure his own uscg uniform? And how do we handle nametapes? We know it's a bit early, but we're looking into the future.
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    Grad School Opportunities?

    How does grad school work for USCGA graduates? Does it count as a tour? Does the USCG pay for it, or do graduates pay out of pocket? Or do they use the GI Bill instead? Are USCGA graduates even eligible for any GI Bill benefits? Does the USCG have a say in what you will study, or are you given...
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    Sea Year with Coast Guard?

    Is it possible for a midshipman to participate in sea-year or at least part of sea-year aboard a U.S. Coast Guard vessel? I have heard that it is possible to do so with the U.S. Navy, so perhaps it is possible with the Coast Guard? How might this work either way?