Sea Year on Coast Guard Cutter?


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Jan 18, 2021
Looking ahead at possibly doing sea year on a cutter. Besides the normal packing list, is there anything extra to plan for? Will our midn need to plan to procure his own uscg uniform? And how do we handle nametapes? We know it's a bit early, but we're looking into the future.
Sea year at USMMA is broken up between your sophomore and junior year. 4 months during your sophomore year and 8 months your junior year. Sophomore year you probably won’t have much of a choice in the ships you sail on, you are pretty much assigned to them. Junior year you may be able to put in preferences and sailing on Navy and Coast Guard ships are possible. As for uniforms if you do go to a cutter, you most likely will not be wearing a Coast Guard uniform. Service uniforms are reserved and worn only by members of that service. As a midshipman at USMMA you are not in the Coast Guard so would not be permitted to wear the Coast Guard uniform.
A midshipman in my DD's class did a few weeks on a cutter as an elective. As for uniforms, it isn't KP's first rodeo; this isn't for you (plural) to look into the future. Seemingly complicated issues, foreign to you (plural) and I, are an exciting and routine part of the KP experience and DS will handle them in good order. Tools of his trade. Been there, done that. Best wishes to your DS.