uscga 2023

  1. D

    USCG Cutter Tour: Questions to Ask

    Hello all! I will be touring a USCG Cutter in the near future, and I would love some suggestions of questions to ask the crew. I appreciate your help!
  2. A


    I am a HS Senior in the Greater Louisville/ Kentuckana area interested in applying to the USCGA. I feel so cut off in this area. I need people to talk to. Any potential applicants, current cadets, or past graduates willing to talk and exchange advice and tips about the application process...
  3. CallSignGaspar

    Competitive or na?

    I am applying for USMA and USCGA making Coastguard my top pick. For my weighted GPA, I have 3.74 and my unweighted GPA is 4.23. My SAT is currently lacking which is 1340 and my ACT is the worst which is 26. I have been a class president, H20 community service club secretary, Robotics team...