1. D

    Am I medically qualified

    I have been worried about getting medically qualified for West Point for months now. I have a nomination and feel that the qualification is the only thing holding me back. I just got an email with my status, and it says that I am qualified and something will be mailed showing I am officially...
  2. chhappy

    Summer Leader Experience Application

    I'm not sure if I'm the only having trouble with this but I can't seem to access the SLE application. Does our candidate questionnaire need to be approved in order to apply? I already completed the questionnaire and was received and ID and temporary password to login. But, once I reach my...
  3. O

    Application Information Update Difficulty?

    Hey guys! I'm really excited about applying to the service academies, especially West Point as it's been one of my long term dream since childhood. I recently filled out the candidate questionnaire and got my candidate information, but when I looked over my profile information through the portal...
  4. D

    Weight for Sprint football

    Hello, as I stated on previous discussion my DS is wanting to play sprint football. Does anyone know the weight limit? I’ve done research and have seen many different answers, hopefully someone knows for sure. Thanks! Go Army beat Navy.
  5. A

    Getting into West Point through the National Guard?

    I'm Currently a High School Junior, who has relatively good grades (3.7ish GPA, this only being the reason because I'm currently on a program where I go to college my junior and senior year, and it ain't easy). And although I am relatively athletic, I haven't done sports. I understand that this...
  6. C

    My odds of getting into West Point (USMA)

    Hello so I’m currently a Junior and have aspirations to attend West Point. I currently have a 91/3.7 gpa weighted and a 89/3.3 gpa unweighted. My PSAT from sophomore year was a 1210 I haven’t received my 11th grade PSAT. I’ve been class President at our school from freshman to junior year...
  7. M

    Weekend Life

    I am currently in the process in applying to USNA and have done extensive research about the academy. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out what the midshipmen do on the weekends (Yes I know you don’t get much free time) but what do they do?
  8. Z

    SLE CFA Test Weight

    High School class of 2020 here, So I got into USMA SLE 1st session over the summer, and got some worries about the CFA. I have started training this last week but am still hitting under-average scores on a few of the events, not by a lot but still below. I know at SLE they administer the CFA...
  9. W

    Aviation Help

    I'm honored and truly blessed to be in the current "dilemma" that I am in. Last week I got into Naval Academy Prep. I also got into USMA and now I've also received an appointment to USAFA. I love all three academies and am most in love with USAFA and USMA. I want to pursue a career in aviation...
  10. C

    Attending USAFA, considering applying to USMA

    This is not a typical situation so I am asking for guidance from anyone who may have experienced something similar or knows someone who did. Up until the end of my junior year of high school I planned on applying to USMA. That being said, I applied for all summer seminar programs at the 3 major...
  11. D

    Do I have a chance at West Point?

    Information: 15 years old GPA(unweighted): 4.05 Just finished the first semester of my freshmen year. Female Varsity field hockey sorta fit(still working on it) And DYING TO GO TO WEST POINT What do you think my chances of going there are? I already checked all the qualifications and...