usma 2024

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    Have any 2024 CCs successfully opened a USAA account?

    BLUF: USAA's on-boarding process for USMA Cadet Candidates is broken. DS's had had his documents in for nearly a month, he still can't open an account, and nobody will tell him what the holdup is. The deadline for submitting direct deposit information is closing in. In mid-April, DS set up a...
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    Do I need to get name tapes?

    I've heard from some other accepted cadets in my area about getting name tapes. Though I have not heard anything from USMA about this. Do I need to get some name tapes before R-Day?
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    CBT Packing List

    Does anyone know where I can find the Beast packing list? I have looked under the instructions for cadet candidates, FAQ about CBT and more, but I can't seem to find it. Sorry if someone has answered this. Thanks.
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    The Dreaded Wait

    Hello, I am currently applying to the United States Military Academy (GO ARMY), for the class of 2024. My file was just completed today (as my transcript for the first semester of senior year had to be sent). Will I be able to know if I had been admitted into the academy soon? Or would I have to...
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    Commanders Assesment

    My DS is an ANG member in the Split Ops program, he completed BCT this past summer. My DS has completed his application with the exception of his Commanders Assessment. We are hoping his assessment is completed by the 31st. When my DS enlisted in March they told him he could apply to USMA...
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    Enlisted to West Point

    I am looking for some insight from Soldier applicants who gained direct admission to USMA. Some background: I had an unimpressive ACT score (28), HS GPA and class rank (3.4, probably around the 50 percentile class rank). Enlisted in the Army NG, flipped the switch and started crushing my...