1. A

    NAPS Class of 2025 self-updating list

    Got some inspiration from @Sixes to create a self updating class for NAPS as he did with USAFAP so all due credit to the user. General suggestions/guidance: - Resist posting until there is an offer of appointment in hand/portal and you have certainty. - If you have an LOA, sit tight, wait...
  2. gonavy__

    NAPS/CGAS ‘25!

    To those going to NAPS/CGAS next year or parents of future Napsters: me and a few others have a group chat on Snapchat, if you or your DS/DD would like to be in it, PM me with your Snapchat and Instagram. We are trying to get as many people as possible!
  3. N

    Can't decide between USNA and USAFA

    Hello all. I'm currently a sophomore in high school and during my first semester I learned about the service academies. I first learned about USAFA and was already set on going there to be a pilot (like everyone else lol). I then learned about the USNA and have always kinda had a draw to the...

    Application Questions

    Is there a way to know how many people that your senators or rep has nominated in order to know if they can give you one?

    USNA Interest Form

    I swear this was a thing but now I cant find it anywhere or even mentions am I tripping or was this a real thing that got removed?
  6. w@113r

    Changes to SA Nominations

    Just saw this announced by Service and Academy and ROTC Scholarship Insiders through a video. This will be in effect for USAFA, USNA and USMA for applicants to the c/o 2029 and to summarise: MOCs can nominate 15 candidates on a slate The number of appointments for Qualified Alternates is...
  7. gonavy__

    CVW as a Senior?

    I’m still waiting on my decision for USNA and had attended NASS, but I still would like to visit again. Is it possible to go to a CVW as a senior or is it restricted to juniors only? If yes, would anyone recommend going to a CVW or a general tour? Thank you!
  8. B

    Naval Academy Inspire Program

    I visited USNA a few weeks prior and went on a tour and really enjoyed my time there. I recently was sent an email that said I was invited to the Naval Academy Inspire Program, and I have until March 18, 2024 to register. I have a few questions about the inspire program that I hope you guys...
  9. N

    USNA summer seminar and stats

    I am a high school junior and just recently started looking into USNA around mid-February. I know it's kind of late now to be improving my stats to even have a chance of getting in, but looking into the academy and seeing everything they offer lit something inside of me and it's making me a...
  10. A

    NAPS & USAFA Prep School

    Hello Everyone, I'm an applicant for the CO 2028 for both USAFA and USNA. I recently heard back that I was accepted to both of their prep schools. Did anyone else here in this forum hear back?
  11. H

    USNA Summer STEM application

    Hi! Not sure if this is the right place, but didn't know where to go to ask this question. In the USNA Summer STEM application, they ask for your class ranking, and to approximate it if we don't know. I go to a quaker school, and part of it being quaker is that we can't compare scores or talk...
  12. C

    Summer Seminar 2024

    I applied to USMA SLE when it came out on the 1st, and I got in on the 9th. Is it usual to be accepted this quick? I also applied to USAFA and USNA Summer Seminar and still not heard back yet. Should I be worried?
  13. F

    CFA fail

    I was notified that I failed my CFA for USNA and as I took it quite late, the news of this came after the deadline. All requirements for my application are done. Is it still possible to obtain an appointment if I failed my CFA or should I abandon hopes to get in?
  14. navy/airforce-hopeful man

    are Village People superfans treated well at USNA?

    I've become the world's number one Village People superfan since listening to "In the Navy" for the first time a week ago. Currently I'm an applicant to USNA for the class of 2028, and I've been worrying a bit about this situation: If I were to attend the Naval Academy, and someone were to...
  15. H

    Cadet Sabers - What year are they issued?

    Hey everyone! As a current nominated candidate to USAFA and USNA (wish me luck), I got to wondering at what point you are given your cadet saber, should you choose to invest in one. I tried searching google, and was unable to find any definite results. I would greatly appreciate if someone could...
  16. L


    I was kind of late to the party on applying, so I took my medical exams somewhat late. On DoDMERB's website, it now says I am medically qualified. This changed today. Will this be a problem since it is past the 1/31 deadline for applying? It's still showing up as "incomplete" in the application...
  17. I

    Turning my life around in hopes of getting in

    Hello everyone currently a 1st year at my local California community college. Ended up here because ended up high school with 2.3 overall GPA and currently on a road to change it all. I started this semester absolutely terribly due to personal worries and life events that happened. But that was...
  18. R

    Internet History, Privacy, and Control - How sensitive?

    I've attended a candidate visit weekend in March of 2023 and while there, I was extremely paranoid about going onto my phone not because of no phones allowed rules, but because of thoughts on how much the USNA tracks your phone data while in their vicinity. Now, my high school has internet...
  19. R

    Parents Weekend - Is it required?

    I am a USNA Class of 2028 candidate who has researched initial plebe summer and the following academic year, and I am wondering about the post plebe summer break “Parents Weekend” - is it required that 4C midshipmen participate in the Parents Weekend break before the academic year starts? If I...
  20. O

    Waiver Appeal Process

    I am working on appealing a waiver denial for West Point and waiting to hear back from USNA and USAFA. Does anyone know the medical accession standards for hearing for various combat jobs? Specifically: Hearing Standards for STOs, CROs, etc. Hearing Standards for SEAL Officers Hearing...