1. F

    A few DODMERB questions

    I have finished my exams, yet I have a few lingering issues that I want to get resolved as quickly as possible. I am applying to USNA and NROTC. First, in the events section of my DODMERB-DMACS form, will my eye exam results be shown? I took it way before my whole body exam, yet it does not show...
  2. A

    How does alumni network of USMMA compare to that of Army, Navy, and Air Force?

    Good morning everybody! I have been fortunate enough to receive an opportunity to play football at USMMA, but before that was even a possibility I was set on attending USNA or USAFA. Of course I would love to continue playing football, but I know that it does not last forever and I that is why I...
  3. P

    Military-Affiliated Noms: Can I receive BOTH Presidential and ROTC/JROTC nominations?

    Hi all, I am a current candidate for USNA and USAFA c/o 25. Both applications are completed (but working through a medical DQ), all nominations applied for, and I have so far received a nomination from my MOC to USNA (my first choice), JROTC to USNA, and Presidential to USAFA. My AFJROTC...
  4. Midwestern111

    Can Enlisted/Guard/Reserve soldiers be appointed to any SA through their commanding Officer?

    For example: Army reserve soldier gets appointed to USMA and USAFA SMP cadet gets appointed to USMA, USCGA and USNA An enlisted U.S. Army soldier gets appointed to USNA and USMA Is it looked down upon if, for example, you are Guardsman that is interested in several service academies? I'll...
  5. M

    Appointment Reception for USNA

    I just received a call this morning from my state’s representative in which I received a nomination from that I had been awarded an appointment to the United States Naval Academy. My portal does not yet show the appointment, and I was wondering when it would update? Also when do you think my...
  6. Midwestern111

    How dumb of an idea is it to join the Nat Guard/ Navy Reserve just to get into the academy easier?

    Pretty much the title, I know a guy is who is at MAPS and he swears this is the way to go about it.
  7. Midwestern111

    Is it too late to go to the Academy? Do I have a shot? Anxious and discontent

    Hello all, I apologize for the long post but I really could use some advice. Background: I am a 19-year-old freshman at a highly ranked liberal arts school in the midwest, I am very interested in attending either USMA or USNA. When I was in high school, I was very involved and got a 29 ACT...
  8. B

    2.0 at USNA vs 2.5 NROTC

    Why does Big Navy have different GPA requirements for NROTC mids and navy mids? NROTC mids take the same classes and often have worse professors. Is there logic behind this?
  9. C

    NROTC Scholarship Chances???

    Hi everyone, bear with me, it's my first time here. I'm currently a high school junior, and I'm considering applying for the NROTC scholarship next year. (I'm also a girl and a minority, don't know if that would help or hurt, so let me know). I was also considering applying to USNA, but then I...
  10. THParent

    Army/Navy game - USNA uniform

    See the whole thing (with the background info for the choices) here:
  11. AramcoDad

    USNA Admissions Candidate Tours (on site, in-person tour at USNA, NOT a virtual tour)

    DS received an email on Oct. 18 inviting him to attend an “Admissions Candidate Tour” He completed his tour last week and there were 7 other attendees. They were allowed to bring one parent, but I was unable to attend as I’m overseas. Has anyone else received one of these invitations? Would this...
  12. M

    Marine Commissioning Likelihood

    Greetings all, I recently met with a USMC recruiter about a possible future as an officer in the Marine Corps. The USMC seems like an incredibly challenging yet rewarding career path. I am applying to USNA as one of my top choices for college and wanted to know how many USNA graduates per class...
  13. M

    ACT Superscore

    Here is the deal: I got a 33 on my first ACT (35 English 35 Math 30 Reading 31 S/R) I just took the 10/24 ACT and feel I might have improved on English and Math to a point where I could have gotten a 36, which obviously would look better in terms of a superscore. However, for Reading and S/R I...
  14. M

    USNA CFA Scores

    Think I can pass the USNA CFA with the following scores? I am a male. BB Throw: 67 ft Pull-ups: 9 Shuttle: 9.1 seconds Sit-ups: 72 Push-ups: 54 Mile: 6:43 Thanks.
  15. M


    Hi guys, I am really, really confused. I need a final clarification. I understand that the USNA considers only two of the ACT sections. I know one is the Math. Is the other English (grammar) or Reading (passages and answers)? I hear English is it on this thread constantly, however, I emailed my...
  16. R

    Question about COVID-19 Impact on Admissions

    So as stated by many in past threads, COVID really has affected admissions for all service academies greatly. I was wondering what you guys thought about COVID impacting admissions and competitiveness? My personal opinion is that the number of overall students applying to the academies will be...
  17. B

    Letters of rec + an obvious question

    I'm a senior in high school looking to go to USAFA or USNA. I've just received two letters of recommendation from teachers, and one from a Veteran I worked with for a Boy Scouts project. I have a couple of questions: 1) Can I use the same letters of recommendation for college and for...
  18. M

    Chances of Getting into USAFA/USNA?

    Hi guys, I am a high school senior applying to USAFA and USNA for their Classes of 2025. I wanted to post some of my credentials and see if anyone thought I had a chance at being appointed to either academy. Without further ado... Academics: -3.94/4.0 Unweighted GPA -33 ACT (35 English, 35...
  19. E

    Foreign Language and Active duty

    First of all, sorry if this question's already been asked, it's kinda hard to specify this in the search tool. I was basically just wondering if whether a foreign language minor affects where a graduate is stationed. For example, if I chose to minor in Arabic, would there be an increased chance...
  20. FØB Zero

    Trouble with LOR/app portal

    I put down and saved all my recommenders and evaluators, yet they say that they have not received any emails from USNA. I tried deleting them and re-entering them with no luck. (The app says once I press ‘save’ it will automatically send them an email). I tried emailing USNA with no response...