1. I

    Vaccines and Bloodwork

    So I got 3 vaccines today as I was behind according to the 2026 Appointtee Handbook Vaccine requirements. My whole life I've been on track for all my requirements, but since the Handbook stated I needed some, I got some. Now my doctor said that the Academy will give extra jabs for the...
  2. BeanBoi45

    COVID Vaccine and Travel

    I am on schedule to get the Moderna covid vaccine. Before I get it, I would like to make sure it won’t be any issue down the road. Does usafa, or any of the academies for that matter, require a specific type of vaccine? I’m not sure what the plan is to vaccinate cadets or if there is one, but I...
  3. M

    USMA Required Immunizations

    DS has never been vaccinated and will be starting them tomorrow. I cannot seem to find what is actually required for admittance, or at least to have them started before R-Day. Does anyone have this info? Also tried call WP multiple times and could not get a live nurse. Thanks!
  4. fightingfalcon2020

    Immunizations Question

    Good Morning, I am wondering if any shots not recorded on the official immunization record that I would send to USAFA, would be administered to me on I-Day? Or do I have to get every shot that it says to get on the sheet and update my record? Any information is appreciated! Thanks.