1. S

    CFA Video

    Hi everyone, I have almost all my application completed for west point. the only thing I have left is the cfa video. We forgot to record when I took my cfa test. My question is whether or not I have to hit the same numbers I did for my last cfa(15/16 pull ups and 57 push up) for the video. Am...
  2. P

    West Point Honor Code

    How has the Honor Committee ruled on downloading unlicensed movies/videos or watching streaming videos from unlicensed sites? Is this considered stealing?
  3. Gonavyusna

    Video Camera policy for plebes?

    I've seen many videos on Yoututbe titled "Semester 1 at the Academy" or "Sea Trials" GoPro style, often appearing from the point of view of Plebes. My mother is an avid photography hobbyist, particularly to my sports and other activities (of course) and now with less than 4 months to I day she's...