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  1. P

    Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets V Texas A&M Corps of Cadet

    I am a service academy applicant for the class of 2027. I had a quick question in regards to the SMC's. In the case that the service academy option does not work out, as a backup option I am considering Texas A&M and Virginia Tech amongst other SMC's because of the corps of cadet programs...
  2. T

    How much sleep does an average SMC cadet get?

    Specifically VMI and Citadel, but I'm also curious about the other four too. Also, does your sleep schedule change over the weekends or summer training?
  3. S

    Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets ROTC Waivers?

    I’ve been thinking of applying to Virginia Tech as a cadet, however, I just have once concern, if anyone could help me out. In their handbook for incoming cadets that would “like to fully participate” in the program with or without a scholarship, it states that a DoDMERB Qualification form...
  4. G

    Virginia Tech Marine ROTC

    So for starters, I found out Thursday that I received the Marine Option 4-year scholarship to Virginia Tech. I was DEFINITELY NOT expecting it- in fact, I had assumed it was a lost cause and begun looking at other branch scholarships. Although I am still waiting on a decision from the Naval...
  5. K

    Virgina Tech CC

    I'm debating on whether I should go to Virginia Tech or and in-state public college. Much of my decision depends on if I can get a scholarship while not being medically qualified. In other words, do I need to be medically qualified by the year I attend LEAD or the perspective field training...
  6. themainmane

    Reserves at Virginia Tech

    How is life different for someone who is in the VTCC and the Reserves (specifically, the Marine Corps Reserves)? Are they put into separate units? Are they treated the same as New Cadets? Any and all answers are much appreciated.
  7. JaxNavymom

    Torn between a few Civilian Colleges that offer Nrotc

    Right now my DS is torn between Auburn (all ready accepted in engineer school), University of South Carolina (also accepted into engineering program), and Virginia Tech (accepted into University Studies). The benefit of Tech is that we are moving to Virginia this summer and he would have in...
  8. L

    Accepting VT admission offer

    Hello, I have been awarded a 3 year AD scholarship to Virginia Tech. I have already accepted the ROTC scholarship and taken the DoDMERB exams. My status on DoDmets is currently complete-hold. I have also been accepted to Virginia Tech. When should I accept VT's offer of admission? Should I...