vision test

  1. FØB Zero


    Hi, If I do not get ‘pilot qualified’ after DoDMERB vision testing, will I be unable to graduate as a pilot? Or can I get PRK at the academy (and how do they decide who gets PRK)? Thank you!
  2. B

    AROTC Vision/Glasses

    Hello, I am a current high school senior who was recently awarded a 3-year Advanced Designee Army ROTC scholarship, and I had a quick question regarding the eyesight portion of the DoDMERB. My prescription is -11/-13 diopters, which I know is outside of the limit of +/- 8 d. I have pretty thick...
  3. L

    DODMERB Pending Disqualification: Diplopia

    Hello, I recently attended my DODMETS initial exams (audiological and optical). I have worn glasses my entire life (although my vision is only slightly off of perfect and easily correctible to 20/20 in both eyes) and attended optical exams yearly since I was 2. When I attended the optical...
  4. U


    Hi I’m a 13 year old boy from Maine. It has been my dream to go to the Naval Academy and later fly planes forever. However, I have Astigmatism. My cyl is -0.75 and I think my diopter is 5.50. Can I still join the military with Astigmatism? Any reply’s are appreciated.