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    Does USAFA Have a Wait List?

    Anyone know if the Academy has a wait list? I've realized that with the timeline of all the appointments being given out now, I'm definitely not even close to being their first choice. I'm starting to realize that I probably won't be accepted, but even so, it would be an honor to even be...
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    Was wait listed last week but received an email today saying that I was approved for a waiver

    So a little back story here. About three weeks ago USNA sent me more orthodontist forms to fill out and have my orthodontist sign and transfer records. My orthodontist was on spring break leave and then due to some problems and misunderstandings the form was only sent this Monday, 4/11. By this...
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    Wait listed, what are the next steps?

    I was just wait listed, what are the next steps? What are the actual odds of being accepted from the wait list? Thanks for any awnsers
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    USNA Turn Down --> NAPS?

    I got the official Turn Down from Navy today after months of being on CPR. After being boarded without a Nom and then moved to "Admissible", my BGO informed me that even though the turn down letter says I'm rejected from both USNA and Prep Programs, I am still in the running for NAPS and...
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    Confirming Wait List Status?

    I sent my email to the address provided stating my desire to remain on the wait list last Friday, April 1st. Does anyone know if the "Required Actions" section on the portal changes or does it stay the way it is in the screenshot? Just want to make sure because I am under the assumption that the...