1. X

    How Competitive is My State?

    Hey all, I live in Washington state and have been searching through these forums to see if anybody has posted news about the USAFA appointments here. So far I haven't seen anybody say anything about Washington, I'm just an eager candidate trying to gauge my competitiveness in my state. Also, I...
  2. ElectedTuna

    WA Nominations

    Hi everyone, I submitted my nomination applications to my senators in Washington about a month ago and haven't heard back yet. I talked with someone today and they told me there are no interviews for senators. I had my congressional nomination interview today and they said my application was...
  3. G

    UW vs UCLA army rotc decision

    Hello, I am a high school senior, and I have received a 4 year scholarship to both UW and UCLA. I am 95% sure I'll be accepted into UW and 50% sure that I'll be accepted to UCLA. I am planning on majoring in aerospace engineering, and both are ranked very closely. So that doesn't affect my...