weight training

  1. flyblu

    Tips on Meeting the Weight Reqs?

    Hello, So, I applied for AFROTC and got disqualified because of SAT scores. However, I am not quitting so I am re-applying again for Spring 2020. So, I have a little problem. I am about 4 feet and 11 inches tall and I weigh 85.5 pounds. I would love to meet the requirements for AFROTC. Are...
  2. M

    Rotc scholarship application Athletics

    One of the sports to select is weight training, powerlifting and fitness/wellness what do they mean by this? I’ve been working out consistently for about 4 years now and am in pretty good shape. Do all of these mean just personal athletics outside of a league or school sport??
  3. B

    VMI Ratline & PT

    What are some of the specific exercises that VMI Cadre make rats do during the ratline? How many reps and how many sets? How often? How can I best prepare in terms of muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance before I matriculate this fall? Would maxing out my VMI Fitness Test or APFT help...