1. chhappy

    Summer Leader Experience Application

    I'm not sure if I'm the only having trouble with this but I can't seem to access the SLE application. Does our candidate questionnaire need to be approved in order to apply? I already completed the questionnaire and was received and ID and temporary password to login. But, once I reach my...
  2. Y

    Would this ruin my chance?

    Hey guys. I've decided I wanted to go to west point, but I'm a tad nervous in doing so. I've never really been good at math and so my averages go: Algebra 1 - 88, Geometry - 73, and Algebra 2 - somewhere in the 83-86 area, not quite sure. However, I do excell above average in english as I've...
  3. G

    If I will ever get in next year be prepared for a menu' change in West Point 😂😂

    If I will ever get in next year be prepared for a menu' change in West Point 😂😂🤣🇮🇹
  4. D

    Weekend life

    Hello, after my DS accepted his appointment we were wondering what cadets do on the weekends. He is well aware that he won’t have much free time. But what exactly do cadets do on the weekends, with and without football? Are they allowed to go out?
  5. D

    Company assignments

    Hello, my DS recently accepted his appointment to West Point. We were both wondering when cadets are assigned their companies, I would assume after beasts?
  6. M

    Waiting list

    How exactly does one get put onto the waiting list? And is the waiting list for kids that don’t have a nomination?
  7. M


    Over the summer I was on a West Point tour and I spoke to a captain. He told me that even if you don’t get a nomination they will “find one” for you if you cannot get one, how common is that?
  8. C

    My odds of getting into West Point (USMA)

    Hello so I’m currently a Junior and have aspirations to attend West Point. I currently have a 91/3.7 gpa weighted and a 89/3.3 gpa unweighted. My PSAT from sophomore year was a 1210 I haven’t received my 11th grade PSAT. I’ve been class President at our school from freshman to junior year...