1. M

    Working out at Westpoint

    Hey all! I was just recently accepted into Westpoint and I have a more niche question for past and current cadets. How much time is there for voluntary workouts in a typical day? I love weightlifting and I would love to continue at Westpoint. Thanks!
  2. USS_Oregon


    Does anyone know of a decent workout regiment to prepare for the CFA? That'd be really appreciated, thank you.
  3. R

    What are some good CFA workouts?

    Took the CFA today, and scored as follows: BB Throw: 59 feet Pull-Ups: 9 Shuttle Run: 9.53 seconds Crunches: 61 Push-ups: 55 Mile: 5:20 I am a tall and skinny guy, if that makes any difference. I am really looking to improve everywhere I can. Thank you!
  4. T

    Workout Plan for AROTC

    Hi, I will be entering AROTC this fall as a non-scholarship cadet. I'm trying to prepare for the fall; however, I cannot make a solid workout routine and end up doing sporadic and ineffective workouts. This is partially because I don't know how to tailor a workout to my needs and end up making...
  5. TexMex2022

    CFA Workout?

    Welcome, I am Ayden a USNA candidate and proud (although confused as I am not particularly exceptional) LOA recipient. I am medically qualified and can get a nom through VA disability (but I am stubborn and want to at least wait to see if I can get a MOC nom because that's more rewarding)...
  6. usafadreams

    CVW Workout - Worried

    I was really excited to be offered an opportunity to attend a CVW at the Naval Academy. I'll be there later this week. But, I know we get the chance to work out with the midshipmen on Saturday morning and I'm worried I'm going to fail and that will go badly on my record. When my dad was doing...
  7. T

    How to Prep for Plebe Summer

    I've seen a few really insightful threads with some really great advice on preparing for Plebe Summer, but I would be incredibly grateful if we could get some of this information (and hopefully more) in one place for others (like me) who will be joining the Class of 2020 this June. Of course...