1. C

    AROTC vs NROTC admissions influence at specific schools?

    Hello...I was recently awarded a four-year AROTC scholarship and am applying for an NROTC as well. I'm curious - for school such as Yale and Penn, where being a candidate for the on-site NROTC battalion will give a considerable boost to applicants, does having an AROTC scholarship (not on-site)...
  2. K

    2nd Interview for NROTC?

    I applied to Yale University as a Restrictive Early Action applicant and had an interview with an alumni. I also interviewed with their NROTC commanding officer as part of my NROTC scholarship application, as Yale was listed as my top choice school and their CO said he interviews anyone who...
  3. T

    Sway of Army ROTC on Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard Admissions?

    Hi all, Reading through the forums I've learned a little about how when applying for the AROTC scholarship, establishing a strong connection with the ROO or PMS at a university may have sway on the admissions process for said university. I was wondering if anyone has...
  4. K

    Torn: USMA vs. Yale

    With May 1 rapidly approaching, I'm still torn between two schools: Yale and West Point. Were I to attend Yale, I would enroll in NROTC with a Marine Option Scholarship, as military service is something that I would like to participate in. I don't think I would want to make a long-term career...
  5. TexasCali

    NROTC - Yale, Princeton, Harvard...which is the best unit?

    Hello Everyone, Daughter has her interview next week relating to her NROTC scholarship application. She has done a tremendous amount of research regarding the units at Yale, Princeton, and Harvard. It seems that Yale has put a tremendous amount of support and resources into the growth of NROTC...