1. GONAVY3237

    Middle School living abroad

    Hello. I am a US citizen in my last year of primary school in Switzerland. I know some say it's too early, but I want to try the best I can and be as prepared as possible to apply to USNA. I speak three languages, am Captain of the soccer team, play two instruments, etc. I would like to know...
  2. M

    Anyone had experience of being a few days too young so offered NAPS?

    DD is a few days too young so they offered her NAPS. She does well academically and finished HS in 3 years. Great GPA and SAT. Offered a few opportunities for exclusive programs at universities like American University, Rhodes College and Union. . . but she WANTS the Naval Academy. I would...
  3. M

    Good student, but young, offered NAPS. Anyone else?

    Greetings all! I have a question about NAPS. I understand it is for those who need a little academic help before entering the USNA. What about for those students who are good students but may be a few days too young for admission to the Naval Academy? If you are a good student, great SAT...