08 Mid serving time at USMA

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    Jun 13, 2006
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    My son - an 08 Mid - has been at West Point -Camp Buckner- for a 5 week training block.

    He is there for CFT- cadet field training. There are about 14 other Mids with him and about 100 2nd class Cadets

    He started out the first 10 days training with other 08 Cadets getting ready for a 1000 or so Yearlings (3rd class ) to arrive.

    He has been working his butt off and was selected by a Ranger to be a squad leader for 10 Yearlings for the next 3 weeks.

    He is having a great time but says some aspects are tougher than plebe summer. Also a few conflicts with Navy-Army culture.

    The leadership oppurtunity is terrific. It should give him a good start for Leathernecks next summer.

    Any grads here ever do the WP-Buckner summer leadership block or is it something relatively new?
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    Well, I clearly didnt do it, but from what I've read (read absolutely american by david lipsky) it's very field oriented, as opposed to plebe summer, which is half parade ground/learningmilitarystuff, etc.

    Congrats on your son, sounds pretty hard core