1871 battle echoes


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May 5, 2007
South Korea seeks return of flag, on display at Naval Academy, that Marines seized after their victory

Published in the BS:


The battle rates as barely a footnote in history, but the U.S. military had scored a decisive victory that would become a part of Marine Corps lore.

The proof: a giant yellow and blue flag, used to rally a band of soldiers, "tiger hunters" and peasants in a futile effort to repel a powerful American force that sacked a Korean citadel in 1871.

The flag has been on display for decades at the Naval Academy, one of more than 100 seized from conflicts large and small....

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Korean flag to be traded for captured spy ship? : Moves afoot to swap Naval Academy Museum piece for USS Pueblo

Published in the Annapolis Capital:


The key to persuading North Korea to return the USSPueblo may be found on the bottom shelf of a display case at the Naval Academy Museum.

The artifact is a 141/2--by-141/2-foot yellow Korean flag the United States captured in 1871 when more than 650 U.S. Marines and Blue Jackets overran the Korean fortress on Ganghwa Island, west of Seoul....