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    My company chief wants us to have a list of what cadre sections we want and don't want by the time we come back from break. I'm not entirely decided what I want to do yet and was hoping some of the older posters could tell me what their experiences were and what point they took leave in the summer

    What are the other things we do during the summer? And how long do you do them?

    Cadre sections: Swab Summer 1
    Swab Summer 2

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    Each cadre section is three weeks long Sam, that one I know for sure. Besides cadre, we have 100th week with the CCs, CATP, range week, Luders (which we have the new L44s or whatever they're called), T-Boats, ROTR...and leave. I think that's everything.

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    Luders are optional. You could have 1 week of Colgates instead along with 1 week of cleaning. You can have some other options such as going to Sector NY for a week with the marine safety training program.

    AIM has leave at the end of the Summer
    Cadre 1 has leave from week 2 of Swab Summer til the end of Week 4 of Swab Summer
    Eagle has it right after CGAS, near the beginning
    CGAS has it right after CC week

    I highly highly HIGHLY recommend Swab Summer Cadre. I loved it, you get to have a real impact on the class that will forever be associated with YOU. You'll also get to see the results of your hard work during the school year. If either of you want more advice/information shoot me a PM.
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    I would say swab summer and luders are must-haves. If things haven't changed then the "a" groups will go on luders. Like USCGA13STN said the fact that you are training what will end up being "your" class will make it worth it. Plus, AIM is generally going on close to swab summer so you can get your weekly power trip in when the new set of AIMsters comes in :shake:

    luders is one of the coolest things I did at the Academy. You'll have a lot to remember from that trip.

    Also, go to Mobile for CATP. There are usually more opportunities to fly.
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    Totally agree with what has been said.

    I didn't do luders, so I can't really say much about it, but I know my friends who did loved it. I don't think it's needed to be a more complete leader or officer, but it's a good time.

    I did Swab Summer, second make.

    If you remember your life as a swab, the two makes should have had slightly different feels to them. First make is typically the "break 'em down, teach 'em the basics" while second make is take those stripped down swabs and start building them back up into 4/c cadets ready for the return of the Corps. We knowingly approached it that way (and I distinctly remember liking my first make a whole lot less than the second make when I was a swab). Either way, the swabs become your babies and you take pride or you feel frustration as you watch them grow through the next two years you both occupy CGA together.

    The weight of being a cadre really hits you just before you take over.

    That 2/c summer is probably the biggest "know and love your classmates" time you'll have. Swab summer, as a swab, you really only know your platoon. 4/c year, you know your fellow 4/c in your company and teammates. 3/c summer you will spend with a few of your classmates on a cutter. 3/c year is kind of weird, you know your new company, and start hanging out with 2/c you like. Finally 2/c summer rolls around, and you really start appreciating all of your classmates. Go to CATP (when I was a cadet, we all went to ATC Mobile), study ROTR, range, etc etc etc. And before all of that, you get yelled at and trained by the company commanders of TRACEN Cape May (a rewarding experience, and a small return to your first swab summer).

    1/c summer is far more about your professional development, but 2/c summer is all about your development as a leader. I have a lot of great memories from that summer.

    I recommend Swab Summer cadre, either first or second make. Enjoy your classmates, respect different styles and opinions, and remember that swab summer is as much about the development of the 2/c as leaders as it is swabs to be cadets. Don't be afraid to fail and learn what you can from those around (both good and bad approaches to training).

    That pressure you feel as a swab summer cadre is completely appropriate. Embrace it! :thumb:

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