2 Nominations


Nov 30, 2016
I have received 2 nominations (Senator and Representative), does this increase my chances of appointment? If yes, then how so? I have been asking around locally and have not been able to get a clear answer on this. Thanks.
No it doesn't. But being double nominated would indicate that you are an exceptional candidate. Your chances should be higher based on that
It does increase your chances in the sense that the Academy can slot you to either nomination. There is a well written section of the Nomination FRQ that answers your question.
It absolutely increases your chances because it doubles the chances you have to compete for an appointment. If your congressman and senator each submit a full slate (10 names) you are competing against the nine other individuals also nominated. Since you have two nominations you get to compete twice. The individual with the highest WCS on each slate gets the offer of appointment. Multiple nominations also give you a few more points in your WCS. That may help you compete for one of the remaining spots of the National Waiting List if you do not "win" the slate appointment. The only exception here would be if the congressman or senator submit a principal nomination then the rules are slightly different.