2012 BCT Schedule-Acceptance Parade


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Dec 11, 2007
Does anyone know what the BCT1 & 2 schedules might be for the class of 2012? Also, anyone know for sure when the Post BCT-2 Acceptance Parade is to be held? Thanks
Well, I don't remember everything off the top of my head...I'm not looking at the calendar right now...the dates may be a little off.
The first day, Inprocessing Day is June 26. I believe Doolie Day Out is July 17 or something like that. That would be the transition between BCT 1 and 2. The acceptance day parade would be after BCT 2, sometime in August.
I will look around for that specific calandar again. sorry if this isn't too helpful!
Last year's Acceptance Day parade was on August 8th, but I haven't seen a calendar for this year, yet. I will try to find one and get TacticalNuke to post it.