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Jun 9, 2008
Welcome to the class of 2012. The Coast Guard Academy Parents Association has a wonderful website to help you get acquainted with the academy, helpful information to help you adjust as parents of a cadet, information for local chapters and the national organization.

The CGA parents association also provides support and information for the individual classes through an email list. You can join the email list and post questions and receive answers through experienced parents and the listmaster in charge of the list. Once you have signed up you will start receiving emails from parents all over the country. It only takes a minute to sign up and start receiving questions and answers. I suggest you set up a separate account for this as you will use it for all four years at the academy. Also this helps you keep them separate from your personal accounts. To sign up for the listmaster please go to:

In the middle of the page is the 2012 button to click on and sign up for the listmaster. Just follow the instructions and read the intro from the listmaster.

On a side note. My cadet has just graduated from the Academy and is heading to the new assignment on Saturday. I will tell you this. It has been quite the adventure over the last four years. I have felt fortunate to have met many of the cadets in all classes along with their parents. I hope that you will become involved in your local chapters and in the CGAPA to help support all the cadets. Congratulations to the class of 2008!!
Thanks for the heads up, I'll forward this to my mom and dad.
It has been rumored that the Coast Guard Academy Parents' Association is actually a well trained group of spies.

Well before you get news of ANYTHING at the Academy, even with the ever present Rumor Mill, the Parents' Association will already have the inside story. They know everything.

I could never figure out how it quite worked, but it was impressive.

dqm, where will your new Ensign be headed? I look forward to the next week, as I hand collaterals to members of the Class of 2007, before they hand over collaterals to the Class of 2008, and I make a move to my new job.

Good luck! Your ensign will have plenty of good stories to come! :thumb:
The Parents Association has quite a network of graduating parents and active parents to help support questions and answers. Most of the time questions are brought up long before it is announced to cadets! So you are right - we know all. Isn't that the way of parents anyway???

My Ensign is heading to the Polar Sea Icebreaker in Seattle WA. We live in New England so this is quite the adventure traveling cross country!! It never ends.