2015 Swab hopeful (Chances)


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Feb 25, 2008
Hi, I'm young, 15 and as my username suggests I want to go to the Naval Academy. But it's not that I'm having second thoughts, but as I get older and do more research on careers in the CG and Navy, I'd think I'd like it more in the CG. But bottom line is I want to be in one of those branches, preferably CG.

Another reason I'd like to be in the CG is because I've gotten a closer look at how the CG works somewhat, because I'm a Coastie brat. My dad had over 20 years of active duty and now he is a civilian with them so we don't have to move anymore. I wouldn't mind having his job (Marine Safety), but I think my ideal job is Law Enforcement part of the CG, but we'll have to see.

Here's what my resume (I'm 15 so I have plenty of time and it will be hard to tell w/o SAT or ACT score)

GPA: Ended up with a 4.1 (Highest for Frosh is 4.25) Saw my GPA drop from 4.2 to 4.1 in the last week of school, things kind of fell apart, but you live and you learn, 4.1 is still good.

SAT: N/A, but I've starting looking over practice tests, but nothing serious studying wise. But I should start soon because my GPA does not correlate with my standardized test scores, I work pretty hard studying and make sure I get good grades, but not bad, but not great standardized test taker.
Taking the PSAT though in mid-October

I'm an Eagle Scout
Troop SPL for a year
Alter Server for freshman year, just a sub now.
Freshman Football
Track/Field (JV)
Model UN(technically)- I was not real active in this, I joined kind of late and missed the final cut to make the real team, but I do enjoy debates and politics.
Shakespeare Contest

Thats about it Freshman year, I wasn't too active.
10th grade will be different, I'm not going to play football, so I'll probably write for the school paper, join a few clubs like Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice, Investment Club, Debate(If we have one, last year we didn't) and maybe a few more. I also may tutor in a downtown Catholic Center or at my local library.

I am pretty active community service wise, and I plan on volunteering at my grandmas old nursing home regularly, I have the application, just need to figure what I want to do.
Also, I go to a private school, but the local public had a big drug problem this year and I was invited to a forum to help combat drugs and underage drinking.


Thats about it, sorry for the long read:biggrin:

Oh and yes, I plan on applying and hopefully get in and go to AIM.
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You are doing great, keep up the momentum. Also, find some time to play a varsity sport ... why are you dropping football?
I agree about the sports part. You have a great resume so far, but don't go overboard(so to speak) with a lot of different activities. It's better to focus on a few than try to do so many. I would stick with track and field since it's also a great way to stay in shape. Good luck and feel free to post any questions.:thumb:
You are doing great, keep up the momentum. Also, find some time to play a varsity sport ... why are you dropping football?

Go to a big powerhouse school and I didn't think it would be worth it for me anymore. It was way out of my league and it was stopping me from joining a few clubs.

And probably the biggest thing I need to work on is getting and staying in shape. What do they test you for at AIM?