2017 Appointees, what were your credentials?

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    Nov 2, 2016
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    Hello. This is a thread for people who have already received class of 2021 appointments. What are your credentials? For example, SAT/ACT, GPA, extracurricular stuff, and anything that would contribute to your appointment.
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    Dec 5, 2016
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    Being super proud of my DS, I will give you his credentials:

    GPA = 106/100, AF Adjusted GPA = 4.2
    SAT = 1450/2090
    Class Rank #1 (Valedictorian Texas 6A HS)
    Senior of the Year Award
    10 AP Classes, 2 Dual Credit Classes
    TX 6A HS All-State Band x 2 years
    Cross Country 4 years (Lettered, Captain Sr Yr)
    Track 4 years (Lettered)
    Honor Society
    Volunteer work (Habitat for Humanity, Church, etc)
    AFROTC Freshman Year UT-Austin
    UT Austin GPA 4.0
    Two Nominations (MOC, AFROTC)
    Various Recognitions (San Antonio Scholar Athlete, Student Athlete, etc)
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    Jul 4, 2016
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    I am probably more average with some of my credentials because I did not always do 'typical' sports:

    GPA: 4.3 weighted
    SAT: 1430/1600
    ACT: 35 (32 math, 36 science, 35 in both English and Reading)
    Class Rank: Top 10%
    6 AP Classes
    Track 3 years (Lettered all 3 in both seasons)
    2x world medalist in Irish dancing (yes, that is a sport)
    3 Honor Societies
    Cum Laude Society
    Volunteer Work (Counselor at children's bereavement camp, founder of a toy drive for local cancer foundation)
    Various Writing and Sports Awards and Recognitions

    Hope this helps! Good luck with everything!
  4. MidwestDad

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    Feb 15, 2017
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    ACT 32/33
    SAT 1420
    GPA 4.25 with heavy AP load including Calc and Physics
    No class rankings done
    2 yrs varsity football
    3 yrs varsity basketball and track
    Co-founded HS business club and held offices
    Solid CFA performance
    *was not recruited for sports FYI

    Don't forget the CFA !!
  5. tf00002

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    Jan 27, 2017
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    ACT 27
    GPA 3.85 with 2 Calc classes and physics
    Class Rank 6
    2 years varsity football, varsity team captain, playoff team captain
    3 years varsity track, 4th place state relay team
    1 year basketball
    Vice president of leadership club
    Class treasurer
    Held after school job (10-19hrs wk)
    National honor society
    Volunteer work at nursing home and local Radio Observatory
    College Reapplicant- 1 year of college cross country, 6th place regional
    CFA- Above average on everything, max on 3

    For everyone that gets discouraged by a first year denial, or even low test scores, here's the proof! Keep working hard, test scores aren't everything
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  6. Sam2018

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    Nov 11, 2013
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    Ok I'll play :)

    ACT 33
    SAT 2160, perfect 800 math all three times he took it.
    13 AP classes all 4s and 5s so far.
    National AP scholar
    National Merit Commended
    GPA 5.09, kept the same for USAFA
    Class rank 9/563
    NHS treasurer
    Rho Kappa President
    other clubs
    Year round job
    4 year varsity athlete
    Boys State
    Solid CFA.
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  7. Fuss

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    Feb 28, 2015
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    ACT 29

    7 AP classes

    GPA 4.75 on a 5 scale

    Class rank 1/240

    NHS president

    Key club participant with about 550 hours

    Civil Air Patrol Commander and First Sergeant with various awards

    Club soccer

    Football 2 letters

    Track 3 letters

    CFA maxed on push-ups and sit-ups above average on the rest

    Various jobs

    Boys State

    Working towards Pilots License
  8. EfusaurusRex

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    Apr 3, 2016
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    ACT: 35 (35 in all sections but math with a 33)
    1430 SAT
    8 AP Classes
    4.41 GPA weighted
    AP Scholar
    National Merit Finalist
    Class Rank: 4 out of 311
    National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and Spanish Honor Society
    AJROTC Battalion Commander
    Captain of nationally ranked drill team
    Captain of nationally ranked JLAB team (an academic bowl team)
    3 Years of Civil Air Patrol
    Private Pilots License
    1 Year Varsity Football
    1 Year JV Baseball, 4 Year of Club Baseball
    CFA: maxed push-ups, above average sit-ups, 7:12 mile, slightly below average pull-ups (can't remember number), average shuttle run
    100+ hours of community service thanks to school representative group and helping at a summer camp for military kids

    That's all I got
  9. tex2021

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    Apr 14, 2016
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    Some notables,:)

    ACT 35 (36 English, 33 math, 34 Reading, 35 S/R) - only 1 sitting
    SAT 2240/2400, perfect 800 math.
    IB diploma candidate
    National AP scholar
    National Merit Commended
    GPA 3.84/4.0
    Class rank-- DNR
    Mu Alpha Theta Founder/President
    Various school clubs
    solid ECs
    part-time job
    2 sports varsity athlete
    Boys State attendee
    NASS, SLE attendee
    Solid CFA.