2018 Army Navy Tickets


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Mar 27, 2013
I know this is REALLY Early and I are sorry to start the questions about tickets for the Army Navy game but....I know the Mids can get tickets now. I thought that StubHub was the Navy's online marketplace for resale of tickets and they don't have tickets up for sale yet. I saw a website that had tickets already for sale for the game but I thought that even season ticket holders didn't get the tickets until later in the year. Is this not a legitimate web site?
My Mid will be a Firstie this year and my DH wants to make sure that we can go this year and have good seats:)
Copied from navysports.com...

Your DS should be ordering for you now!

Ticket on-sales & Priority Ordering Periods

On-sales begin on the phone, online, and at our office beginning at 9:00AM EST

February 9 Season Ticket Holders:
Season Tickets and Parking
Annapolis Home Games
Army-Navy Game
April 17 - April 21 Admiral's Row Members:
Army-Navy Game
Annapolis Home Games
April 24 - April 26 3-Star Members and Midshipmen:
Army-Navy Game
Annapolis Home Games
April 27 - May 3 2-Star & NAAA* Life Members:
Army-Navy Game
Annapolis Home Games
May 4 - May 9 1-Star Members:
Army-Navy Game
Annapolis Home Games
May 15 - May 19 USNA Faculty & Staff and Alumni:
Army-Navy Game
Annapolis Home Games
May 22 General Public:
Army-Navy Game (if available)
Annapolis Home Games
June 7 Plebe Parent:
Army-Navy (Application only)
June 12 General Public:
Away Games
*NAAA = Naval Academy Athletic Association Life Members
**Memberships and tickets must be renewed to purchase during priority on-sale periods
DS is a plebe this year. Last June, we purchased the maximum 4 tickets allowed for plebe parents, only to be disappointed that the seats were extreme nosebleed seats. As it happened, my daughter was unable to go, and DS and girlfriend broke up before the A-N game, so we ended up needing only 2 tickets for DH and myself. We sold our 4 original seats on StubHub and used the proceeds to purchase 2 good seats on StubHub. While this was not our original intent when we bought the tickets, it turned out to be a good solution for our situation.
Mids do get nosebleed seats through Navy Ticket Office. One year was warm and the next was very cold and now that they moved the date count on cold. I think you might mean tickets for 2017? One year every time I went down for food and hot chocolate Rickey Dobbs scored a touchdown. It got so that people around me were offering money to go down for food. They did have CCTV so I never missed one. Just remember that if the President will be there make sure you are early or you will miss the march on with all the enhanced security.
Another up side to check out is Alumni Association Brunch before the Game. Greet and meet and usually great venue. The food is great and you can stay warm. They also have buss rides from the stadium to the game which saves a lot of parking problems.
Apologize for hijacking this thread. LT Ricky Dobbs is currently an Admissions Counselor/Candidate Guidance Officer for the states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. He was on the Admissions panel during CVW two weeks ago. One thing stood out to me was he said he prefers speaking with candidates on the phone vice emails. Hope you are reading this if you are from those states and territories.
He was very nice after 2011 graduation and during the traffic jam took time out when my daughter called to him (she knew him from classes) and asked if he would allow us to take some pictures. My friend still has his picture on his desk with Ensign Dobbs in his Dress Whites.