2nd, 3rd, and Fourth Summers


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Hey, So I read something during the summers that you would be able to attend some of the military schools. Are all options open to you, or only certain ones? Assuming you went to Air Assault/Airborne school, would you get your pin or is it just experience? Thanks!
AA awards a pin along with the Recondo badge which can’t be worn in the big Army as it’s specific to USMA. AA and Airborne can be worn in be big Army. Both are competitive schools to get into and complete.


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There's a long list of schools cadets are able to attend and it varies by year. Typically the list will include something like this:

Chilean Mountain School
Georgian Mountain School
Ecuadorian Jungle School
French Commando School
French Airborne School
Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leaders Course
Bradleys' Leader Course
Combat Life Saver Course

Everything besides AASLT and Airborne typically is what's called a "competitive MIAD" and requires a try out of some sort to ensure the Academy is sending individuals with a good chance of passing.


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Would it ever be possible to go through ranger school as a cadet or is Ranger exclusively for already in the army people?


They used to permit Cadets to attend Ranger school (I had a friend do so), but it was so long and the set back/drop out rate is so large that any Cadet being set back basically would have to be booted as they would not have the time to complete it.