2nd remedial - now DQ?

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    DS has had a history of allergies/atopic derm & asthma (before age 12 only for the asthma) which has led to 2 remedials - 1 for all medical records age 15 to present and the 2nd was a spirometry test (which he passed). After the Spirometry results were reviewed, he was DQ's due to atopic dermatitis. This seems strange to me; why ask for a spirometry test if you are going to DQ him anyway for atopic derm? Would this be to rule out asthma and make it easier to get a waiver for just the atopic derm? Grasping at straws here, trying to understand the process and pray for a glimmer of hope. His atopic derm is VERY mild and he has not be prescribed anything for it for over 4 years. All of his phsycials do not even mention any skin issues. BUT I know that atopic derm/ezcema is one of the harder conditions to get a waiver for. Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance for any input! :smile:

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