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    My DS has an appointment to USMA. His fourth quarter chemistry grade is teetering at a 70 right now before weight. He is panicking. They weight the class 10 points so it is an 80 with weight. He had a 98 last quarter. He has only had one test so far and it was a class post test including material they hadn't gone over yet. He is studying trying to bring it up as the quarter has really just started, but he wants to know do they look at grades before they are weighted or after weight before rescinding an appointment, and would they look at the quarter or just the final semester grade? The rest of his grades are 98 and above. He just has had one bobble in this one class. He really isn't suffering senioritis as the cause. I am just hoping to relieve some stress from an already type A kid.
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    With only one benchmark test so far I would like to believe that it will not be more than 30% of his grade. I believe they will look at his final semester grade as reported on his report card. Just one parents opinion.
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    My son got a "C" in calculus his senior year. He is now an EE major - West Point 2017.

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    I had two C+s this quarter but there's still time for the last quarter and finals. And then I don't think one or two Cs is going to tank your appointment. From what I've heard, they start asking questions at D.
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    Lets go fast forward to your DS Plebe year. If he didn't get the foundation of chem in high school he will really be struggling. Chem is known to be a Plebe killer. Aside from the high school test, can he handle college level chem, plus all of the other demands that will be placed on him.

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    I had taken intense chem honors the summer of my high school freshmen year- did it 5 days a week for 6 weeks. I was asked to enroll in the dual language program Greek/ Latin soph year and summer chem was The best option to stay on track and her the extra language. It was not easy and I ended with a B- honors but could have had it posted as a B reg class but wanted it as honors.It was hardest class I have ever taken and the 6 weeks are a blur- I have considered retaking it again this summer but at the cost of not attending boys state and some other leadership programs as well as my work. Any thoughts? I obviously would like a higher grade on transcript but also as a refresher before college. Which is weighed more/ less? Any advice? Thank you'
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    This is ever so unfortunate for me, as the chemistry teacher at my school teaches straight out of the book and is not very knowledgable, I will add this information into my archives haha and study chemistry this summer.

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