2nd time around


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Jul 9, 2006
For anyone who is reapplying to a Service Academy:

Of course you already know you must seek a nomination again - from all available sources, which include MOC's. This includes those on "Civil Prep" scholarships and those in Academy prep schools.

First, call your MOC. See if they still have your file. Ask if you must complete the application all over again.
I happened to call our Congressman's nomination manager and she told me that all my daughter needs to do is fax them an update. She doesn't have to write a new essay or get new letters of recommendations etc.
If you were to go to usmaps, what are your chances of getting in usma the following year? Do senators/congressman usually hold a priority for those that attended usmaps? Are usmaps cadets eligible for service connected nominations also?
First - understand that you do NOT apply separately to USMAPS. Everyone there applied to USMA. Same with Navy and Air Force prep schools.

The chances of getting in are dependent wholly on the student - they complete the program satisfactorily and get an appointment.
Prep students still must apply for a nomination through their MOC's - they compete against everyone else who is applying that year.
Students at Academy Prep schools - ie USMAPS, are also eligible for Sec of the Army Nomination.

A nomination is the legal authority to grant you an appointment - you only need one, but getting more than one gives the Academies flexibility in finding a place for you and granting you an Appointment.