3 Year GPA Requirement

Sep 16, 2016
I just received the acceptance package in the mail for a 3 year AROTC scholarship and it listed requirements for my freshman year. A 2.50 Cumulative GPA and a 3.0 Army ROTC GPA. So I'm wondering what exactly is the Army ROTC GPA?
You take Military Science classes each of your first 4 years, which will be during both your Fall and Spring semester (usually a classroom event and a "lab" event each semester). Not sure how many credit hours...maybe 2 for your Fr/So year, and 3 for your Jr/Sr year? Anyway, you get a grade in class each semester which is becomes your "ROTC GAP." Realistically, you should get have a 3.85 or higher (maybe you get an A- or B+ one time).
My daughter is a MS1, at least at her school, PT is 1 credit, MS1 class is 1 credit and lab is 1 credit. So 3 credits every semester.
ROTC courses and credits.

Can be taken anytime since you still should participate in PT even when not getting the credits. Some require it but others let you decide if you want to show up to determine dedication.
Mil Fitness 2

Foundations of Offership 1 Fall Freshman ROTC lab 1
Basic Leadership 1 Spring Freshman ROTClab1

Individual Leadership Studies 2 Fall Soph ROTC lab 1
Leadership and Teamwork 2 Spring Soph lab 1

Leadership and Problem Solving 3 Fall Jr ROTC lab 1
Leadership and Ethics 3 Spring Je ROTC lab 1

Leadership and Management 3 Fall Sr ROTC lab 1
Officership 3 Spring Sr ROTC lab 1