3Q’d w/ Nom


Nov 19, 2017
I am 3Q’d with a Senatorial nom, just had my congressman’s interview last week. Also heard from my FFL that I was only one currently qualified within my district, where do I go from here?
You sit and wait !!

Seriously - not much you can do until the admissions board reviews completed files. Sounds like you are in a good place so focus on completing and enjoying the rest of senior year [you will miss it !!] and work out relentlessly to make sure you are in peak shape by July.

And don't forget to make good decisions when it comes to out of school activities [ahem ahem.] You would not be the first appointee to mess up - driving habits, parties, social media, dating scene all create ample opportunities to trip yourself up before R-day. Just have fun intelligently.

Also keep a Plan B college lined up; a sprained ankle on July 1 is enough to keep you out of Beast. It happens.
Unless you have an LOA or you are the only applicant from your state on the Senator's slate, you still have a few more weeks to wait. Typically, admissions will let everyone complete their application before they determine who the slate winners are. The process goes Slate Winners, NWL appointees, Additional Appointees.

Juts relax and enjoy your last year of high school.

The good old military art of hurry-up-and-wait.

@2022prospect, I'm in a similar boat with a completed package and waiting on my BFE. My mom wants to bubble wrap me before track season rolls around! Please update me as the news comes in. I'm excited for you!

And have a great senior year!