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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by HappyKat, Oct 22, 2010.

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    Once a candidate is sent a scholastically qualified letter, is qualified through DODMERB and passed the CFA, is it out of the question to receive an LOA?
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    Just a parent, but others have answered previously- it's two different processes

    Some will get LOA's without having received a scholastically qualified letter. And that LOA be contingent on completing an item which would most likely prevent them from being scholastically qualified.

    Some with Scholastic letters may receive LOA's, others not.

    I'm told it is an indication your file went before the board, and was not found wanting. Whether it's a high enough score for appointment or LOA is a totally different question! :smile:

    No matter what, you want to be found Scholastically qualified by the board, as you won't get an appointment without that. it's just that not all receive letters to that effect it appears.
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    I received a LOA dated Oct 4, and then I was sent a scholastically qualified dated oct 12, or the 8th, I can't remember. And I was done with my entire app by Aug 11.
    So either way, just shoot for the appointment :thumb:
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    LOAs are merely contingent promises that IF all contingencies are met, candidate will receive an offer of appointment. And sometimes that LOA can lead to driving a nomination, but not necessarily.

    There are very few of these relative to the universe awarded and are essentially intended to counteract and compete re: the admission process for potentially desirable candidates, i.e. those who might get early admission to another secular institution, have an LOA from another SA, or being deemed a priority need of the Navy (a top jock, a diversity candidate, a potential Rhodes Scholar, etc. )

    While I know I'm piling on, singing in the choir, I'm not sure why people are fixated on scooping an LOA process in which they have zero input or control beyond the no rmal path of candidacy. An LOA is merely a word of encouragement and again, a contingent promise of that which would be otherwise forthcoming in any case.

    So, not naive nor negative about LOAs. They're the greatest for those sufficiently blessed to receive them. But they cannot be requested, applied for, scooped, nor leveraged. Think of 'em as gravy, heaven's military manna, a gift neither purchasable nor prescribed.

    Focus on the application and all its elements, the nomination process, and enhancing one's academic, leadership, and physical prowess. Especially as November approaches, the lustre of LOAs wanes while APPTS begin rolling out.

    One item that MAY or may not be obvious, and is easy to be unrecognized in this process of applying to SAs w/ rolling admit procedures, and in contrast to secular college and university admissions programs whether fixed date(s) or rolling admissions ...

    And that is this ...

    An SA candidate may have his/her application finished Aug. 30th or some similar early early date ...but regarding the parallelling nomination and thus any potential word of acceptance/appointment, it MAY be that while your file may be reviewed, 3 Qed, until the LAST among your fellow nominees is done, you may be in limbo, waiting. Remember the word MAY, for in any given case, none of this applies for myriad of reasons.

    But unlike insitutions that operate on historical schedules and student norms, this process is most often initially driven by many sub-universes of nominated pools from MOCs. So some of the lessons are ...SAs and seculars are totally different games, different rules, different time schedules. Don't take delays personally. Many of the top candidates are appointed in March. Some September LOAs don't cut it. Patience, especially among the allegedly "gifted" pool that dominates USNA candidacy, is learned and one of the greatest of virtues. Don't assume that because it's 01 Feb and you know 3 seemingly lesser candidates who've heard, you won't or that USNA admissions has somehow rated them above you. Not necessarily. Conversely, they may be weaker candidates indeed, swimming in different nominating pools.

    The more one knows of this, the less obvious it becomes.

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