3rd letter from Beast

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    3rd letter from Beast arrived 4 days after mailed from WP:
    "the weeks are flying by..." DS wrote.... (but.... he had only been there ten days.....!!)
    "We learned how to clean the M4..... We were trained how to use a radio - it took 4 hours to train, but should have taken about 30 seconds..."
    "The hardest thing we do is run up six flights of stairs"
    "If we don't turn our corners straight enough, or say 'steadfast' when we turn with our right foot, or 'loyal' when we turn on the left, then we have to run up 6 flights singing the Rocky song and yell 'yo Adrian' when we get to the top.."
    "One cadet in the squad ahead of me quit, and 3 in the squad behind....i guess it takes a long time to process a quit so I feel like I am in prison..."
    "we get a little more 'white time' now" (time alone).
    "hurry up and wait...hurry up and wait.... line up along the wall.... we literally stand at parade rest for five hours a day... every morning we run down a really long hill, then do some worthless exercises, then run back up the hill"
    "it's very hilly here, and very pretty. I love it here. Today we get our long coats and that will be really neat."
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    We are due; last letter written July 11 postmarked 12th. Of course he also has GF's new address now so priorities dictate . . . :(
    But all seemed well with no major complaints as of then.
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    Interesting. Three from my DS's CBT company have submitted separation papers and in transition barracks now.

    He's written us every day (sometimes very short letters) but has mailed the letters in groups. Heard from other parents who haven't received anything yet.