4/c Boards


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Feb 22, 2017
I believe the 4/c cadets are, or will be, taking boards soon? what if they fail one or both the written and oral sections? how many chances do they get? what are the % of cadets passing on the first time? Hoping to get information here to manage my own expectations and not stress out my cadet.
Here is what the boards process is like this year:

The 4/c receive two chances per exam to pass. If they fail either test on their first chance, they receive a class 3 (a handful of demerits, not a big deal.) If they fail on their second chance on either test (their last chance), they receive a class 2 (which entails some amount of restriction and demerits, but not the end of the world.) If they fail both sections, for a total of four failed chances, they will be placed on suitability for service, because they have shown that even though you have spent the entire year prepping for this exam, you haven't learned what a 4/c is supposed to be learning in order to be successful over 3/c summer. (In all honesty, completely failing it shows a lack of caring.)

The first exam is a written exam on military knowledge - nautical flags, rates and ranks, etc. The second exam is oral, and is on professionalism (such as Coast Guard customs and how to wear your uniform) and entails a thorough uniform inspection.

In the past, the boards process has just been an oral exam with military knowledge questions. This year they decided to change it drastically because 2019 struggled very hard to pass boards, because the process was too difficult. Everyone is helping the 4/c in every way possible to pass, so there is no need to worry about your 4/c being entirely on their own doing it. The whole goal of boards is for the 4/c to pass and collectively "earn" carry on, as a team.