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    My name is Danner Kiernan and I am 16 years old. I'm trying to get the 4 year army ROTC scholarship to Florida Institute of Technology. I am looking for assistance in things i need to accomplish!
    What i already have:
    1. I am an athlete
    - Lettered in basketball (starting point guard) sophomore
    -lettered in track ( backup 4x100 relay we made it to state this year) long jump and the 400 and 4x400 relay and sometimes ran the open 100.) sophomore
    -lettering in football as an upcoming junior. I am already starting safety/wing back will be a junior.

    2. Leadership roles.
    - I have been a class officer for the 2/2 years i have been in high school.
    -I am an officer in our student government where i had to run for the office with a speech etc.
    -I lead in sports.
    -I try to be apart of everything in my school from homecoming games/ pep rallies/ and fun things like stomp teams for each class that go against each other just a random example.

    3.Volunteer work.
    -I have to get a certain amount of points for Student government which is awarded by volunteering around school and our local stores.
    -I have volunteered for my old church not certain the amount of hours but i am going to try to get around 500 hours of volunteer work in the next 2 years.

    4.Physical shape.
    -I can run 2 miles in low 13's will have it to 12 easy by end of summer year.
    -I am working on the upper body strength i left monday-friday at 6 in the morning to 8
    -I can do the crunches.

    -Well my cumulative GPA is like 3.7 right now but my weighted is like 4.2. My teachers lied to me and told me that colleges look at your weighted gpa which you get from taking honors classes which i already have 7 of but they don't. So in the next 2 years I'm going to try to get 4.0's so i can raise it to like a 3.85 ish
    -I got a 25 on my first attempt on the a.c.t. at the beginning of my sophomore year i am pretty confident i will have a 29 or a 30 by the end of my high school career.
    -I am already able to graduate with honors from my school after my sophomore year.
    -I have taken pre AP bio/ AP bio honors English 1,2 honors algebra 1/ honors geometry/ honors algebra 2 and will be taking honors pre calculus/ physics and chemistry.

    Any tips on what i can do to improve my list and be a for sure standout candidate where there is not even a thought in their mind they want and need me. I'm not trying to sound cocky and I'm sorry if i came off that way I'm just trying to get better at showing my accomplishments cause i was told if i undersell myself i will lose points and most likely not get it. Thank you for reading!
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    Colleges like to see AP courses so I would load up on those. If you do well on the tests, you often can place out of the college class, saving you time and money.

    I would join a club you find interesting and worthwhile and try to be an officer. I would try to be a team captain.

    ROTC scholarships are fiercely competitive so anything you can do to set yourself apart increases your chances of winning one.

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