6 months from today....I-day 2018!!

Sydney C.

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Congrats to your DS!:D Finish line in site...no time to take the foot off the petal...finish academically strong, stay out of trouble, enjoy the semester (this time will never come again) and bubble wrap...bubble wrap....bubble wrap.

Did I mention bubble wrap?

Capt MJ

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ughh...I mention bubble wrap to DS, and he says (paraphrasing"

'MOMMMM! Im going to the Navy, to be on big ships and shoot big gunsss!! DONT WORRY!!'

I worry....
Here’s Navy/Military slang to use in response - the Navy will only take a “full up round.” If he is too broken on I-Day, he doesn’t go. Every year, there are stories of injuries and accidents. Dreams derailed.

Best you can do is to ask him to keep the goal in sight and not take unnecessary risks. He is not a Plebe until...he’s a Plebe.


I remember it as "Full-Up, Round Ready", meaning that the ship has all it's stores (food, fuel, water, & ammunition) and is ready to fight with "a round in the chamber", as it were.

I find it amazing that they have to breathalyze these kids at I-Day. Apparently some moron showed up to I-Day drunk before.
Doh! You can't take the oath under the influence!

This is why we can't have nice things.


I-Day ... ugh. My worst day as a father. On the upside, it's all gotten steadily better since then. Best of luck!
Why do you say this? Because of letting go? Or some other reason? I’m curious...I can’t even begin to imagine how it will feel: to be so full of pride, yet also selfishly sad I won’t be seeing him daily anymore ☹. We have two older kids in their 20’s, but their college life is 45 min’s up the road. I still get to see them. This one will be half way across the country.....


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IDay feels like it was yesterday. It was a tough day-the mid just looked completely lost. Now, I can't believe we are rapidly approaching commissioning in May, 2018.
When they tell you the time flies by, believe it.

Sydney C.

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Why do you say this? Because of letting go? Or some other reason? I’m curious...I can’t even begin to imagine how it will feel
For a dozen reasons; some kids have genuine buyers remorse, some parents think kiddo has made the wrong choice, genuine concern on everyone's part...etc. name your own poison. It's not always about the "pride and joy" when the rubber meets the road. I've seen parents break down down as children when those doors slam shut, when the days and months with minimal communication and separation got to them.
It's a transition that not everyone is prepared for...both child and parent. For the most part, it passes and at some juncture, most say "I hate this place" (with expletives). In the end, and as often be said, "Not always a great place to be...but a great place to be from".
Everyone will filter that day in their own way.


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Yes they breathalyze and have for decades. There are appointees over the age of 21 who like to get one last drink in. And even some under age. I Day can be a mixed bag for both new Mid and parents. Lots of threads on this forum from those who experienced it. Some do really well, others break down. For most Mids its a blur and many remember very little about it.