7th semester grades

May 4, 2017
Hello all,

I recently received a nomination from my local congressman to the United States Air Force Academy. I have heard that I will probably receive a notice of whether I have been appointed around march. Does this mean I have to send it my 7th semester transcript to USAFA (once this semester ends)? Unfortunately, I got caught up in all my applications and I will be receiving 5 A's, one B, and one C. This would be the first time that I have a C on my high school transcript. Is it necessary for me to send it in regardless, and will one C have a substantial effect on my application? Or will the academy focus on what they have from me so far, and make a decision from that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
The academy cares about what is in your application right now (your first 6 semesters). If it comes down to grades, they will ask for them.
If you re-take the ACT/SAT (and get better scores) then by all means, have the College Board upload those scores. The same is true for the CFA (if you get better scores).

That doesn't mean that you should stop trying and just skate through your senior year, though.
Your portal status will clearly reflect if grades are needed to complete application process.
USAFA deadline varies with date you opened your application file - check your portal regularly.
If you do receive an offer of appointment however, as a condition of appointment the USAFA requires that you have your completed high school transcript sent after you graduate.
You also are subject to a admission documents update, in case you "were arrested, convicted, or fined for any offense, failed a class, were suspended or expelled, became sick or injured, had surgery, or used any prohibited substance where not legal."