7th Semester Transcript


Dec 15, 2016
So I have seen that some have been having their 7th Semester transcript requested from USAFA. I do not see that requirement on my portal. Is this normal? Why do some have it as a requirement and others don't? Thank you.
Alright. Everyone on this forum is here to help you, but you have to help yourself first. You've been posting a lot of questions that have readily accessible answers. Read through your appointee instructions. Does it say you must submit your 7th semester transcripts? It has the last few years. Use your other resources before resorting to a new post.
Actually, everything else was submitted through the portal. I am giving SportsFan a pass on this question. With the USAFA application process there is otherwise no mystery--everything is a check in the box on the portal. Seventh semester transcript is not on the portal as it is for USMA (the transcript check mark turned back to 'red' on or about 1 January awaiting the 7th Semester Transcript). SportsFan, you should arrange for your school to send a 7th Semester Transcript and updated GPA to each of your colleges/service academies. You might even scan your report card (if it is a big change from previous semesters) and send it to your admissions officer--as a means of touching base this late in the admissions cycle. Good luck SportsFan. Finish strong.