7th semester transcripts

It should be on your portal.
Last year, DD's showed the requirement for them to be submitted by mid-January.
My portal doesn't reflect a request for 7th semester transcripts which is why I'm asking. Thanks for the info.
On DD's portal, although I only caught an over-the-shoulder glimpse, it was not in the main listing of requirements where you see the green check marks, instead it was in the "fine print" related to transcripts. I would recommend checking with your admissions counselor.
Some applicants will get a request for 7th semester transcripts and some will not.

If you receive and accept an appointment you will eventually be required to submit all 8 semesters, but admissions will make a decision for some without the 7th semester included and others will request the 7th semester grades before making a decision
If appointed you will receive a letter with certain things that must be completed prior to I Day. It will include a request for your grades post graduation. USAFA will give you guidance on what is required and when it is due.