8th semester class schedule


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Sep 12, 2016
DD has the opportunity to cut back during her final semester because one of her classes was a one semester college class. She could be done for the day at 12 noon two days a week. Her counselor says she needs to fill that space with another college class because the SA's want to see a full academic schedule. I obviously agree with that but when is enough enough? Should she add college psychology or take the break in the final semester?
Dropping one class her 8th semester will have absolutely no impact on college admissions. They won't even know during the admissions process since they only will see a transcript through 7th semester. You will have to submit a final transcript, but that is only to confirm that they didn't total fail that last semester, and having one less class will not make any impact. Only D's and F's will do that. College admissions is not a valid reason for having a full academic schedule 8th semester.

But, what is your DD going to do with that extra time? Sit a home and play video games and watch reruns of Gilmore Girls. Or is she going to use that time to do something productive? My DD graduated college in 3 1/2 years. She used what would have been her final senior semester to study for the MCATS, continue her research, volunteer at a women's shelter and find a job for her gap year. Although she had no classes it was a very productive time for her. What is you DD going to do instead of taking psychology?
I'm graduating early a semester early; I was told that it would have no impact on whether or not I would be admitted by the Great Lakes RC.
Just what I was hoping to hear. DD is plenty to do at school to fill the gap. Decision made. Thanks!