A Day in the Life of a 4/C

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    I've heard some people wondering about what life is like during 4/c year. Well, here is my basic daily schedule.

    0530: Wake up, shower/shave/brush teeth
    0545: Prep uniform for the day
    0610: Clocks (I will make another post to explain these)
    0620: Morning formation
    0625: Breakfast
    0700: Morning military training period (drill practice, honor training, etc.)
    0800: Chemistry
    0900: English
    1000: FREE PERIOD!
    1100: Macroeconomics
    1155: Clocks again
    1205: Afternoon formation
    1250: Company Orderly Duty
    1350: Calculus
    1450: Fundamentals of Navigation
    1600: Sailing Practice
    1800: Dinner
    1900: Evening Military Training (Corps-wide lecture, OPS spotlight)
    2000: Study time
    2200: Taps

    Time management is definitely the most valuable skill to master before coming to CGA. Between 2000 and 0530, you need to find time to do all your homework (45 min-1.5 hr per class), study indoc, do laundry, clean your room, and, if you're lucky, catch a few hours of sleep. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get mine.

    Don't be afraid to PM me if you have any specific questions. I will try to respond just as soon as my schedule allows me (which as you can see, is not often unfortunately).
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    Piece o' cake :wink:

    Just kidding, of course. Thanks for sharing your day. Keep up the good work!:thumb:

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