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Jul 15, 2008
how long should parents make hotel reservations for A-Day? like how long will we be able to see them that weekend?
A-Day this year is August 15 which is a Saturday. The parade is at 10 am and you will want to be on post early.
Unless you live pretty close you probably want to stay overnight on Friday and Saturday night. Last year, after the parade, plebes got "walking privileges" and off post privileges ONLY to travel to a parents hotel. They need to be back by TAPS but you can have them back Sunday morning for the day.
I booked my room for Friday night and Saturday night.
We stayed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. We thought son might want some time to himself for homework etc. on Sunday but he preferred to just hang with us, sleep, snack, and watch tv. We had nice dinner together and then took him back at about 6pm. We spent the rest of the evening by ourselves and then left for home Monday morning.
Good plan - depending on your travel arrangements. They generally don't want to go back "early" - :thumb:

One thing I forgot - if you are a camping family, there is a Campground at Round Pond which is run by the MWR and you can camp there. It is beautiful and you can tent camp, park a camper/RV or rent a cabin. If you have a RV there are some spots you can park on post at North Dock and South Dock.