A few questions if medically DQ from ROTC

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    DS has received a 3 yr AD AROTC scholarship. :thumb: We are working on Plans B and C in the event that something comes up at DodMERB. He applied to the USMMA and was DQ'd for having a history of a pituitary dysfunction. (He was diagnosed with delayed puberty as a junior in HS, was prescribed growth hormone for about 9 months or so, and has been off the medication for almost 6 months now. No further treatment expected. I assume that he was DQ'd for USMMA because he had only been off the medication for 2 months at the time had his physical, but no one has ever confirmed that for me.) A few questions for the masses:

    1. Has anyone else had a similar experience with a DodMERB DQ due to a history or pituitary dysfunction that was remedied by growth hormone?

    2. If so, did you end up receiving a waiver from your branch or academy?

    3. If you received a waiver, what branch or academy were you applied for?

    4. If the condition causes him to be DQ'd from AROTC, and IF he could not receive a waiver for it, would this also DQ from serving in a National Guard unit?

    Question No. 4 is HUGE to us because he could still attend his first college choice if he could enlist in that state's NG. If NG service is not an option, then the college choices narrow significantly.
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    I'm sorry I can't answer your questions; our DS is still awaiting a medical waiver himself. He is in the same spot as yours... 3AD AROTC Scholarship and working on other options. I'm particularly curious about the National Guard question. Hope someone will answer. Might be a good question to ask NG directly.

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