A moment over .99 eggs..........


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Apr 29, 2016
I went to Kroger this morning and was stopped by an older gentleman. He told me they had a really good deal on eggs. I noticed he had a Navy hat with the USS Dorothea L. Dix and served 38 months. He stormed Normandy and served throughout the Pacific. I wish my son and his bestie were with me to have heard his stories. My son is headed to USMA and his bestie to USNA this summer.

Amazing morning.
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Love that. I always make time to listen. I hope people are willing to listen to mine... you no doubt made his day.

And on the flip side, while traveling on SW on a biz trip this AM, a woman admonished the man putting his bag in the overhead and moving her bag a bit to better fit (she had placed it squarely in the center, lengthwise, not the more space-efficient width-wise). She told him that it was a one thousand dollar bag and he should be more careful. People around erupted in laughter, even more when the man, with a huge grin, said he would move all the cheaper bags around to protect her bag from any rubbing on the bin hinges. People.
It was indeed a Louis Vuitton, as I was standing right there in the aisle for this little circus, which seemed incongruous on SW.

I will pick your encounter any day, any time.
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He totally made my day. Such an honor to meet someone who served. My dad whom my son is named after is in year 6 of dementia. It is such a loss to my family for my dad not to know where his namesake is headed. My dad served during Korea in the Army as a sharpshooter and engineer and would be simply so proud of his grandson. Meeting this legend this morning was such an honor.

My husband loves telling our kids - we are a blended family - of his Navy stories. He spent 20 years and enjoyed them.