a NAPS stats thread?


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Jan 29, 2008
for those of you (for example, Peter) who got accepted to NAPS, can i ask what your stats are? (SAT, GPA, APs, sports, etc?)

i think it would be helpful for those of us who question whether they can get a direct appointment to usna :rolleyes: , to see if they might fit the profile of someone who can get NAPS. :biggrin:

thanks!! :wink:
I just posted on the CC USNA Foundation thread. You may find my info there helpful.
I am currently at NAPS now, I do not know if the standards have changed but here is what I had:

SAT: 620 verbal
650 math
620 writing

4 calc I
3 chemistry
3 english comp

I had a 3.87 gpa (I think) when I graduated hs.

I was in varsity track my senior year and marching and symphonic/concert band all four years. I also did NHS and was secretary of Beta club. I was also a lifeguard.

Remember for NAPS, it is mostly about strenghtening the academic foundation, but for some, like me, it may be about other things.
SAT: 620 verbal
650 math
620 writing

4 calc I
3 chemistry
3 english comp

I had a 3.87 gpa (I think) when I graduated hs.

Those are pretty strong stats! Did you have a nomination to USNA?
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Yes, child of deceased veteran.

My downfalls were my varsity sports participation and my fitness assessment.
After your application for admission to USNA has been rejected, the admissions office reviews your package for possible admission to NAPS or the Foundation program. It's a whole new pool, you basically start the whole admissions process over with NAPS and Foundation without having to do any extra work.
wow! navy clarinet had awesome stats..i wasn't even that close..

ACT Composite: 22
ACT English: 22
ACT Math: 22
ACT Science: 21
ACT Reading: 24

Fitness Test:
Pull Ups: 12
Push Ups: 75
BB Throw: 81
40 Yd: 8.2
Sit Ups: 95
1 Mile: 8:10

High School
3.0 GPA
Tons and TONS of XC and volunteer hours
Varsity Sports (Tennis)
2nd Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
Mu Alpha Theta

3.13 GPA in classes a plebe would take
Intramural Tennis
1 Nomination

and I had a part time job which I helped train new people..
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Yes sir, I did. The college I went to had a detachment that was located about 3 hours away. I due to financial difficulties, I wouldn't be able to make the trip (gas for example).

So for those of you that think you might not be competitive, apply anyways. Who knows, it might come out in your favor!!
Navy Clarinet, those academic credentials are really strong. You will definitely be among the top cadets during your plebe year, especially with your experience from NAPS.
i'm at the top of my class here academically, but with my kneee surgery and already being behind physically, i am near the bottom physically.

the academy saw something in my profile they wanted, but they said I wasn't ready physically, so they gave me a shot here. USNA is not all about academics.
Clarification on the NAPS process, please?

Need a little more understanding on the NAPS process. . .

Let me try to get this right!? NAPS offers go out AFTER all the USNA appointments are made?

Is it simply an offer to attend NAPS or a foundation school because they see future USNA admission potential?

Thanks for the clarification.
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sorry about this late response... our internet surfing times are limited and I was writing this when it shut down.

NAPS appointments go out pretty early too. I knew kids who found out they were coming here before Christmas break. They also go out late, I did not get mine until April.

To be qualified for NAPS you cannot be scholatically qualified for USNA (ask one of the BGO's for a definition of that). If you received one of those 3 q'd letters, you are not going to NAPS. Once you are rejected from USNA, if you are not scholastically qualified, they will look at you for NAPS.

There are many different reasons why people in my cass are here, but there is one thing we have in common, we would give anything to be at USNA and become an officer through the finest school in the nation. We let the admissions board know that through different ways. Because we are enlisted, the Navy would not want to pay for people who didn't want USNA more than anything because it would be a waste of their money.

Hope this helps.
Stats for NAPS!

Hey everyone! I am currently a high school senior and applied for USNA c/o 2012. My application was complete with at least one official nomination on 31OCT07. I got my NAPS selection letter 7DEC07. Here are some stats and MESSAGE ME FOR MORE SPECIFICS:


HEIGHT-60 inches
WEIGHT- 118 lbs.
1.0 MILE RUN-7:38
SHUTTLE RUN- 10.6 sec

Sports= Varsity Swim (10, 11, 12), swim Capt 12, Varsity girl's lacrosse (9, 10, 11), Varsity girl's Track (11, 12), NJROTC physical fitness team (9, 10, 11, 12), Ultimate Frisbee Team (9, 10, 11), various other club/intramural sports

-Many postions in NJROTC unit incl. but not limited to Battalion Executive Officer, team capts, etc.
-Many teams in NJROTC unit incl. but not limited to color guard, reulation drill, etc.
-Marching band 9, 10, 11, 12 (section and squad leader)
-Concert band 9, 10, 11, 12 (section leader)
-NJROTC 9, 10 , 11, 12 (Battalion XO aka Vice President)
-Latin club 9, 10, 11, 12 (president)
-Natl. Latin Honor Society 10, 11, 12 (president)
-Natl. Honor Society active member 11, 12
-Tri-M Music Honor Society 11, 12
some other stuff...

-Cum. GPA=3.8
-AP/HONOR classes=Biology, english
-advanced college prep classes=math, latin, band, naval science (NJROTC)
-math (9-12)= algebra, geometry, algebra II and trigonometry, precalculus
-BEST SAT- 520 math, 530 verbal
-BEST ACT- 23 math, 24 verbal
-Honor roll, high honors, or principal's list=all 4 years.
AWARDS (# of times awarded):

-Governor's citation for academic excellence (12)
-Meritorious Achievement for saving lives in aquatic and non-aquatic situations (6)
-physical fitness medals, city swim champs for 10 and 11, other stuff.

***Additional Comments:
I was selected for NAPS primarily due to my poor math skills. Pretty much all 4 years, I have had a C in math and am only in Precalculus, which I currently barely have a D in. I was told I have strong leadership and physical fitness qualities. I received three nominations to USNA, and one (randomly) to USAFA. I feel so honored to have been selected to attend NAPS and I can't wait to get there!

Any questions, just ask me! I hope this helped
My son got a Foundation scholarship for a prep year. He had
550 verbal
700 math

3.9 gpa in high school

Varsity football 4 years
varsity baseball 3 years

LOTS of service and leadership experience.

It was early November when he got referred to the Foundation...and mid-November when he contracted with the Foundation...mid-January til he figured out which school to go to (Kiski Prep).

The foundation told him he lacked Advanced Chem and Advanced Calc--that's why he got referred. I think the admissions board sees a candidate they want...but who needs a little more "something"...and they spend a year at NAPS or the Foundation for it.

BTW--it really is an honor! And it was a GREAT year of preparation. Those of you who are just getting sent now to NAPS or a Foundation school--congratulations to you! It will be a great experience, and you'll be well-prepared! :shake: