A question about a math course for next semester?

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    I've been put into a 2 semester math course for my frshman year at the college I'm at, due to my low math scores on the ACT. However I'm planning on transferring ether to VMI or The Citadel, and it appears that the course won't transfer from a look at a cross catalog comparison? So I was curious about how the admissions officers at the 2schools would look upon the fact that I didn't take the second half of this course?

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    Well- I'm not in the admissions office and I woudl strongly urge you to call the admissions office and talk to them about the courses you are taking now and see if they are going to consider them as prerequisites or whether a single semester will suffice for you when applying for admission. But why are you bailing on the math courses you are currently enrolled in. If you are trying to beef up your math skills I believe this is still a valid plan whether or not you transfer the credits. VMI's core curriculum will require you to take several semesters of math even if you are an English Major and much more than that if you are an engineer- you will need to be well grounded in your math skills and if that was what you were trying to accomplish with these courses - it still seems like a valid concept to me. Again- the folks who can really answer this are in the admissions office- contact them!
    link to the VMI Core Curriculum
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    I am not an admissions officer at either of those two schools - however, I am an admissions officer that works with a lot of transfer applicants.

    I advise you to;

    1.) Talk directly with those admission offices.
    2.) Take both smesters of math. The more math you take, the better you do in those math courses, the stronger an applicant you will be to any college
    3.) Worry less about "transferrable credit" and more about doing the best you can - in all of the courses you take. Again, the better you do in courses, the stronger an applicant you will be.

    I wish you well through the process!


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